Company profile

      Wuhan GoldCrop Biotech Co., Ltd.(WUHAN GCBT) was incorporated in Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone in June 2010. The Company has a registered capital of 30 million RMB. The office is located in Mingze Peninsula National Nanhu Agricultural High-tech Industrial Park. In 2011-2012, the Company invested more than 15 million RMB in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province to build infrastructures such as seed processing plants, seed warehouses, seed drying yards, and seed testing laboratory.

      The Company is the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Wuhan City, and the supervisory unit of Hubei Seed Association. It is a high-tech seed enterprise specialized in breeding, propagation, promoting, importing and exporting of crop seeds. The company is the largest one that dealing in business of medium-matured hybrid Japonica rice seed production and marketing in Hubei Province. The marketing share of medium-matured hybrid Japonica rice seed market is over 90%, and it has a high reputation and influence in the industry.

      Through extensive technical cooperation with Research Institutes and Colleges and Universities in China and abroad, especially in the research of hybrid cotton seed production chemical emasculation technology and trans genetic herbicide resistance research, the Company has mastered the relevant core technology, which has great application value in the production of cotton seeds and has broad prospect. The Company has obtained the GMO cotton seed production and marketing license from the Ministry of Agriculture and the main crop seed production and marketing license issued by the Department of Agriculture of Hubei Province. 

       Since 2014, The newly joint-bred varieties of Yongyou series are unique in the trial group for middle-maturity Japonica Rice in Hubei Province. The varieties of Yongyou 6760, Tianjiayou 1321, Tianjia A, and Gangza 0996 have got approval in Hubei Province in 2018. A series of rice, cotton varieties are participating in national and provincial regional trials, among which is expected to launch a number of new rice and cotton rapeseed varieties with strong advantages and market competitiveness.

      Adhere to the development philosophy of “sincere treat customers and conscience engaged in seed business”, the Company will insist on technology innovation, combining variety innovation with management, to realize the development and provide more seed with reliable quality.

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